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Self-ligating Braces
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  • Self-ligating Braces
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Self-ligating Braces

Item Code : DSM2-0401 Categories : Self-ligating Braces

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BoPass 4


◆ MIM technology ensure slot’s 3D date more precisely

◆ Trumpet design will reduce wire’s friction

◆ Locking point fully closed will help control rotational teeth more effectively

◆ Locking clip is in the fixed position after opening.So easy for changing wires


◆ Low contour design add patient comfort

◆ Special smart open and close clip

McLaughlin Bennett Trevisi* System
Case 5-5
MB* 345 w/hook .022” 5x5 SDM2-0401
MB* 3 w/hook .022” 5x5 SDM2-0301
MB* no hook .022” 5x5 SDM2-0001
MB* 345 w/hook .018” 5x5 SDM1-0401
MB* 3 w/hook .018” 5x5 SDM1-0301
MB* no hook .018” 5x5 SDM1-0001

Roth Low Profile System
Case 5-5
ROTH 345 w/hook .022” 5x5 SDR2-0401
ROTH 3 w/hook .022” 5x5 SDR2-0301
ROTH no hook .022” 5x5 SDR2-0001
ROTH 345 w/hook .018” 5x5 SDR1-0401
ROTH 3 w/hook .018” 5x5 SDR1-0301
ROTH no hook .018” 5x5 SDR1-0001

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