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Las bandas de ortodoncia- 1st molar
  • Las bandas de ortodoncia- 1st molar
  • Las bandas de ortodoncia- 1st molar

Las bandas de ortodoncia- 1st molar

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Orthodontic Molar Bands

◆Permanent laser ID marking

◆Micro-etched inner surface for increased retention

◆Laser welding with various weldable tubes or attachments

◆ Universal anatomy fits the rights and lefts of tooth

◆Supplying 3M Unitek size: 31/31+/32/32+...44+

◆Available GAC band size: 3/4/5...30

Bands are used in orthodontics to anchor an appliance to the teeth or secure an archwire to the molars. Used on the molars and in some cases the premolars, bands are made from stainless steel and are very similar to a ring. Bands come in different sizes and are custom fit to the tooth using the appropriate dental instruments. They are temporally cemented on your teeth with cement designed specifically for the use with bands.

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